Azaan to spoils Noor’s first kitchen rasam

The upcoming episode of Bahu Begum will showcase interesting twist & turn.
It was previously seen that Azaan forces Shaira to perform muh dikhayi ritual where she receives gifts purchased for Noor.
Azaan then asks the guest to give Noor a hundred rupees for her muh dikhayi. Noor feels humiliated and then goes to the kitchen to make kheer, Noor wants Azaan to praise her cooking skills but after eating kheer, Azaan spits kheer and insults Noor once again,
Noor feels very disappointed with back to back insults.

Azan has played a smart game, thwarting Noor’s wedding plot. Azan refuses to divorce Shaira after marrying Noor and he requests Shaira to accept this relationship with him as he does not want to lose her and can’t let Noor succeed in her evil motives.
Noor has been burning in the fire of hatred since the day Azan accepted her but refused to divorce Shayra.
Noor will again face his heavy defeat to Azan and at the same time, Azan is not ready to accept Noor as his real wife.

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