Did Mr. Bajaj intentionally do Anurag’s accident? Bajaj challenged Anurag to prove his innocence in front of Prerna
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In the popular TV show of Star Plus, Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, viewers will get to see a major fight between Anurag and Mr. Bajaj for Prerna. Now Anurag and Mr. Bajaj will face each other for Prerna and they will cross all their limits. Anurag comes to know that Mr. Bajaj was aware of Anurag’s plan of the fake accident and he deliberately tried to kill Anurag. Shockingly, Mr. Bajaj reveals that he bribed the policeman to act as per his orders. Mr. Bajaj wanted Anurag to die in that accident but he survived.

Once again Mr. Bajaj warns Anurag to stay away from Prerna or else he would have ensured his death. Anurag understands Bajaj’s master plan and is determined to get Prerna back.
In the current story, Mr. bajaj is showing himself to be a good person in front of Prerna, will Prerna ever recognize the real face of bajaj? Mr. Bajaj is also falling in love with Prerna and vows that he will not let anyone come between her and Prerna. Prerna is falling into Bajaj’s innocent trap, while Anurag is trying his best to expose Bajaj and save Prerna from his evil plan. Bajaj challenges Anurag that he will take Prerna out of India and Anurag will not be able to do anything, Bajaj meets Prerna’s family member and apologizes to them for marrying Prerna without their permission, On the other hand, Anurag is trying his best to reveal the true face of Bajaj.
Well, it seems like their fight is not going to end very soon. It will be interesting to see how Anurag will expose Bajaj to Prerna, as she starts thinking that Bajaj is a good person and Anurag is deliberately trying to discredit Bajaj’s reputation.
Soon the character of Komolika is about to enter in the storyline of the show, which will create more trouble for Anurag and Prerna. Let’s see how Aamna Sharif will play the character of Komolika
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