Hello folks; Filmy Masala Now is back again with the poll of the Decade, In this decade we have seen some extraordinary Hindi TV serials, and some extraordinary TV jodis, some very good individual performances, onscreen couples created magic with their chemistry, from Akshara – Naitik, Arnav – Khushi to Rohit – Sonakshi and NairaKartik these TV jodis hold a very special place in the hearts of the fans, these famous Jodis have given us some memorable and most loved on-screen moments over the years. Most of the ruling TV shows of the Indian Television are ruled by these iconic and popular Jodis. Most of the time, it is the love brewing between these couples, or the romantic moments they share, so which are the most famous TV Jodis of the decade? Well, you have chosen Kartik and Naira from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as your favorite TV jodi and they are FMN Best TV Jodi of the Decade(2009-2019). and you also have chosen Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as your favorite TV show and FMN Best TV Show of The Decade (2009-2019).

Now is the time to choose your favorite TV actor of the decade, and make him FMN Best TV actor of the Decade (2009-2019)

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Here are some important dates

FMN Best TV Actor of the decade

Start Date: – 16/10/2019

End Date: – 22/10/2019

Result Date:- 23/10/2019

FMN Best TV Actress of the decade

Start Date: – 24/10/2019

End  Date:- 30/10/2019

Result Date:- 31/10/2019

Prize: – Winners will get the Certificates & a fully dedicated page featuring messages from their fans.

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Terms & Condition: –

1. Every user can vote once a day only

2. Filmy Masala Now isn’t biassed towards any Nominee, So comments regarding this won’t be accepted.

3. Using Bot’s isn’t allowed if anyone caught using Bot will be blocked immediately.

4. If any TV Show isn’t present in the nominated list, you can also add your favorite TV Show using the “other” option, Show will be added in the list if it gets a significant amount of Votes.

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