KHKT: Raima will plan to surprise Rohit

In the interesting storyline of the serial Kahan Hum Kahan Tum, Actress Farnaz Shetty has made her entry as Raima.
Big trouble on the way to destroy Rohit and Sonakshi’s relationship in future, Raima finally regained her conscious state from the coma. Meanwhile, Rohit and Sonakshi get very close to each other, after Rohit’s kidnapping.

Rohit and Sonakshi realize their feelings of love for each other, while Raima recalls her moments of love spent with Rohit.
Rohit and Raima’s flashback love track will be shown in the upcoming sequence of Kahan Hum Kahan Tum.
Although Raima has only regained consciousness, soon her body will start reacting and she will recover.
With this big twist in the story, Raima plans to surprise Rohit to meet him. However, Rohit also fell in love with Sonakshi.

Rohit’s kidnapping brings a turning point in the story when Sonakshi carelessly runs to save Rohit.
On the other hand, Rohit is surprised to learn how Sonakshi sacrificed her dignity to save Pooja’s image.
Sonakshi makes any kind of arrangement to save Rohit. However, they get trapped in a cold storage van.
Rohit is thankful to Sonakshi for how she saved Pooja. Then Sonakshi gives the real reason behind her such move.
Sonakshi related Pooja’s situation to her past when she faced shame and humiliation.
Although, Sonakshi had a lot of responsibilities and had to move on from her painful past, she did not want Pooja to go through such a trauma. Rohit gets shocked knowing Sonakshi’s so painful past so he hugs Sonakshi and comforts her.

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