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One of the most popular TV serials of Star Plus, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, currently features sequences of Rohit and Sonakshi’s wedding.

The story of the show is getting very interesting with each episode and makers are leaving no stone unturned to spice up the story of the show.

There is full-on drama going on in the storyline and the best part is that the audience is also enjoying each ritual of Sonakshi and Rohit’s wedding.

Now as per the current track Rohit’s ex-girlfriend Raima turned negative and she thinks that Rohit still loves her but he doesn’t know it.

The reason why Raima turned negative is YK’s mother because she brainwashed Raima against Sonakshi.

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Well, this is the TV world, and it is not possible to get a marriage done here without any twist.

The female lead of the show Dipika Kakar aka Sonakshi shared her bridal look on her social media account and her fans are loving it.


But just after some time Farnaz Shetty aka Raima too shared her bridal look picture on her Instagram handle and teases fans with the caption ” Rohit weds Raima”.

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After that, the #Ronakshi fans started to panic and some of them commented on her picture that if this happens then they will quit watching this show.

To add more spice in this Karan V Grover aka Rohit also commented on an emoji which signifies “To keep silence”.

We are not reveling the twist but one thing we can tell you that there is no need to panic.

Yes, there will be a lot of twists and turns in the story but in the end, #Ronakshi will get married.

As makers of the show promised the audience that they do not want to show the same saas-Bahu drama to the viewers.

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