Rani realizes her mistakes and will accept Pooja and Kabir’s love

The upcoming episode of serial Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna will showcase interesting twists.
It was earlier seen that Kabir and Pooja’s family wanted to separate them by hook or by crook.
Now Rani succeeds in her mission where Suman and Anuradha force Pooja and Kabir to sign the divorce papers.
Kabir and Pooja are forced and sign the divorce papers.

Rani gives the papers in court where she asks the concerned person to complete the divorce process in a week.
Kabir and Pooja realize their love for each other after their divorce and they want each other back in their lives.
Rani played a game against Pooja by provoking her mother Anuradha, so Anuradha asks Pooja to divorce Kabir.
Kabir wants to expose Rani as he does not want to leave Pooja as he loves her. Kabir will expose the real face of Rani to Anuradha and unite Anuradha and Pooja.
Kabir now expresses his love for Pooja and tells Rani that true love cannot be taken away, Rani thus accepts Pooja and Kabir’s love.

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