RAW Review

Now, these days you get to see many patriotic movies and it has become a trend, similar to Akshay Kumar, John Abraham also doing a lot number patriotic movies these days, John Abraham starring RAW i.e. Romeo Akbar Walter is based on the backdrop of 1971 Indo-Pak war and the birth of Bangladesh.

Romeo works in a bank and Raw chooses him as an agent and turns Romeo’s identity into Akbar Malik and sends him to Pakistan. She sends many important information from there. Meanwhile, what difficulties she has to face and how she becomes Romeo from Akbar Malik, how she becomes the RAW agent Walter, the movie Raw is weighed in the same rhythm.

Talking about acting, John Abraham has done a great job playing his role. The acting of Sikander Kher is also very good. Jackie Shroff impresses in the role of RAW chief! While Mouni Roy did not have much scope to do. However, the film’s production value is good, The kind of locations that have been chosen provide credibility to the film.

Raw’s biggest drawback is its screenplay! When you make a film on a subject like a detective, then you will have to mind more than your character so that the hero can be trusted. After watching a few scenes you will feel like it is a silly act for a raw agent.

If you talk about the interval, then the film seems quite awkward! The film’s speed is fine after the interval, but by then the audience’s attention is difficult to pull back on the film. Overall, it would not be wrong to say that if director Robbie Grewal would have done more work on his screenplay, then the film could have been different!

All the positives in the movie are overshadowed by the bad screenplay. Even if you want to watch a patriotic movie, and if you want to peep into history, you have other options, but only if you are a die-hard John Abraham fan you can see this movie once otherwise see some more options.

Rating- ⭐️½

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