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Bigg Boss 13 fame, Paras Chhabra Recently gave a big statement on Shehnaaz Gill in the show “Mujhse Shaadi Karoge”.

He said that Shehnaaz Gill is famous only because of Siddharth Shukla and that is the reason she always chants Siddharth Siddharth.

Now, Shehnaaz Gill finally reacted to Paras Chhabra’s statement, In the last episode, Shehnaaz Gill was seen discussing with Navdeesh Kaur about her and Paras Chhabra’s conversation about Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla.

Shehnaaz told Navdeesh that she doesn’t need to worry about her as she doesn’t have extra time to waste on her.

A few days ago, Navdeesh indulged in a fight with Shehnaaz Gill and her brother Shehbaaz Gill after which Navdeesh told Paras Chhabra that she is feeling scared from Shehnaaz Gill. Shehnaaz reacted to this now she told her that she doesn’t care about what she is doing in the show.

Shehnaaz also told Navdeesh that she is angry because of Paras Chhabra’s statement and she asked Navdeesh that why didn’t she took a stand for her after Paras Chhabra’s statement.

Shehnaaz Gill said that Navdeesh used to claim that she cares about her then why she did not correct Paras Chhabra when he passed such statements on her.

Navdeesh Kaur then replied to Shehnaaz Gill that according to her Paras was right at that time and that is why she did not stop him.

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On the other hand, now after Rashami Desai, Ankita Shrivastava was also seen taking a stand for Paras Chhabra’s EX-girlfriend.

Without mentioning her name, Ankita said that Paras should not talk rubbish about his EX-girlfriend.

Ankita said that she has never met Paras’ EX-friend in-person but still felt that somewhere she is not wrong and maybe Paras has hurt her.

She said that Paras and his ex’s relationship might be deep and that is why they got tattoed for each other because in a general relationship nobody does that.

Ankita also said that Paras always gives two types of statements. She said that Paras first insult her and then suddenly flip by saying that she was good but she was not my type.

Well, at last show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge has ended due to Coronavirus outbreak and all the contestants are finally out of the MSK house.

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According to some reports Paras Chhabra has chosen Anchal Khurana as his perfect connection and Shehnaaz Gill got disqualified because she did not found anyone as her connection in the show.

Moreover, Shehnaaz Gill’s brother Shehbaaz has confirmed on Instagram live chat that the show will not start again.

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