Sonakshi to sacrifice her love for Raima, will Pari and Rohan’s affair come in public?
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The most famous TV show of Star Plus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is all geared up for new drama with an extra twist in the storyline.
Now viewers will witness a new entry in the show as Sonakshi’s secret lover but before that Raima, Sonakshi and Rohit’s love triangle is going to resolve.
We have seen in the earlier episodes that after knowing the truth of Rohit and Sonakshi’s relationship from Vk’s mother, Raima leaves the Sippy Mansion without informing anyone, Rohit lashes out at his family members due to their carelessness.

On the other hand, Raima’s mother will blame Sonakshi that only because of her Raima is facing all the problems and she will get worried and tensed after knowing that Raima got missing.
All Sippy men will go out to find Raima and they will try their best to know her current location, very soon Sonakshi will get to know that Raima is with Sumit, why Raima is with Sumit is yet to be revealed. Rohit will find Raima with Sonakshi‘s help.
Sonakshi will tell Raima that she will leave Rohit for her as Raima needs Rohit more then Sonakshi. Rohit is confused about how to react in this situation because he loves Sonakshi not Raima and he can not imagine his life without Sonakshi.
On the other hand, during all this mess up Rohan and Pari’s extramarital affair is getting more intense, Rohan invites Pari for a couple’s massage but he had to leave Pari there alone to find Raima. Rohan’s aunt Deepa now soon gets to know about Rohan and Pari’s affair.
Now it will be very interesting to watch how Sippy’s and Rastogi’s will react to Pari and Rohan’s affair? and how Rohit is going to react to Sonakshi’s decision of leaving him for Raima’s sake?
Till then watch the full episode of the show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum on Hotstar and Star Plus only.
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