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One of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13, Asim Riaz has become the hero, after a clash with Paras Chhabra.

These days the fight between the contestants inside Bigg Boss house is becoming part of the daily headlines.

Not only the common man but some celebrities are also showing their interest in the show and support their favorites in the fight.

After the big fight between the most popular contestants Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla, Netizens got divided into two groups.

Their fight was slammed by the host of the show Salman Khan and their respective family and friends.

But now, in the conflict between Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz, it looks like Netizens are on the same page.

what happened between Siddharth and Rashami? were they in a relationship?

Everybody is slamming Paras Chhabra for commenting on Asim Riaz’s financial status.

Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra’s fight started in the last episode when Asim asked Siddharth Shukla for a dish bar.

Paras Chhabra came in between Siddharth and Asim’s argument

and Paras told Asim that why he suddenly needed dish soap when there is already liquid available.

Their arguments turned into a big fight after Paras Chhabra passed comment on Asim Riaz’s financial status.

Siddharth Shukla calls Arti Singh his best friend, then why is she upset with him?

He insulted Asim’s profession and made fun of his clothes and perfume.

Asim Riaz raised a point in the favor of women of the house, where he slammed Paras for his misbehave with women of this house.

Asim also told Paras that he is a bad person and he has no right to comment on any women’s figure and her personal life.

Those who are not aware, Paras Chhabra trolled Himanshi Khurana for her figure and he made bad comments on Shefali Zariwala and Asim’s friendship.

Some former Bigg Boss contestants and critics put their views out on their respective social media accounts late night after their fight.

Most of them slammed Paras Chhabra for his behavior and his comments on Asim Riaz’s status.

Twitteratis showed their support in the favor of Asim Riaz and trended

#asimriaz, #wesupportasimriaz #weloveasimriaz, #asimriazforwin, #asimriazwinningheart and much more late-night all over the world.

Here are some celebrities and critics reaction to their argument, checkout:-

Well, it will be interesting to see will Salman Khan raise this topic on Weekend Ka Vaar or not?

Who do you support in this fight? Share your opinions down below.

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