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The new Naagin in the town famous TV actress Rashami Desai came out as a strong woman from the Bigg Boss show.

Rashami Desai is a very popular actress in the entertainment industry and she is a self-made actress.

Her never-give-up nature made her strong and a perfect role model for many women, the actress never hesitates before talking about her personal life in public.

Rashami Desai was seen sharing her life struggles inside BiggBoss house, she was seen talking about her divorce and her relation with her family.

After the Bigg Boss 13 show, Rashami Desai’s life has changed completely. the actress has lots of projects in her bucket and she is now on good terms with her family.

In the show, Salman Khan revealed some shocking facts about Rashami’s EX boyfriend Arhaan Khan, after which Rashami Desai decided to move on in her life. and she has broken all ties with Arhaan Khan.

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She used to console Shehnaaz Gill in the Bigg Boss house when Shehnaaz Gill used to be upset. Rashami also took a strong stand for Akanksha Puri when Paras Chhabra criticized her.

Later, Akanksha Puri appreciated Rashami Desai and thanked her for making Paras Chhabra understand her condition. She also expressed her wish to thank Rashami in-person.

Well, Akanksha Puri has now completed her promise as she thanked Rashami Desai in-person and hugged her.

A video of Akanksha Puri giving a hug to Rashami Desai is going viral on Twitter. In the video, Akanksha Puri can be seen hugging Rashami Desai and thanking her.

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Although, at first Rashami Desai didn’t recognize her but later she recognized her and apologized to Akanksha and asked her how she is?

Akanksha Puri replied to this video shared by a fan who appreciated Akanksha Puri for her sweet gesture.

Akanksha wrote that without even not knowing Akanksha in person, Rashami Desai supported her in BB13 house and that is why she hugged her.

She also said that she respects Rashami Desai and she is a beautiful person with lots of positivity.

Do you agree with Akanksha Puri? also, what are your thoughts on this gesture of Akanksha Puri?

Share your views down below and stay connected with Filmy Masala Now for more updates and gossips.

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