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Why Don't You Share This

Katrina Kaif is in the news these days for her film Sooryavanshi. In this film, Akshay Kumar is in the lead role. Rohit Shetty is directing this film. Recently, Rohit got into a lot of controversies after his statement controversial statement. he was even trolled by Katrina kaif’s fans on social media. However, now Katrina has defended her director and friend Rohit Shetty in this case.

Katrina said in a statement, Dear friends, I do not comment much about media reports or articles, but in this case, I had to do this because a comment from Rohit sir has been taken in the wrong sense. We had four stars present in one shot of Suryavanshi and in this shot, my eyelids blinked. I wanted this shot to be taken again.

She further added, but Rohit sir had said that there are four actors in this frame and if a bomb is being blasted, no one will notice whether you have blinked the eyelashes or not. But even after this, we did a take. I share a very positive relationship with Rohit sir, he has always helped me as a friend. I think this issue has been unnecessarily highlighted.

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Let us tell you that in the conversation with the film Companion, Rohit Shetty was asked which star you were focusing on while watching the monitor? Talking on this, Rohit said that on all three stars, Katrina is also in the blast scene. If you look carefully, you will find that Katrina is blinking eyelids in this scene. After the fourth take, she comes to me and says, can we take another take?

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So I told her that Katrina, I tell you one thing honestly, nobody is going to look at you. Katrina told me how can you tell me this? On which I told her that Katrina, three superstars are walking in front of you, blasting in the background, nobody will notice you and I kept the same shot. It can be seen in the promo that his eye is blinking but who will see? ‘ After this statement of Rohit, he was trolled on social media. His attitude was criticized by many users.

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