Vivian Dsena: The channel doesn’t have a problem with my weight
Vivian Dsena: The channel doesn’t have a problem with my weight

Television actor Vivian Dsena is the ultimate actor & enjoys a massive fan following. However, this does not mean that the actor doesn’t face harsh trolling every now & then. Vivian who is currently playing the role of Harman Singh in the drama Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki opened about his recent weight gain in an interview & how people are hitting on him because of it.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Vivian described that Weight has nothing to do with an actor’s acting skills” & added, he is happy with whatever he is doing in his life and the producers of his TV show and the channel don’t have a problem with his weight. So, nobody needs to comment on it, & to the ones talking about his weight”

Vivian Dsena also stated that the industry has actors who have six-pack abs but they are not great actors. The actor emphasized on the fact that weight has nothing to do with the acting performance of an actor & people are not responsible for the actor’s weight & career. He said that he is not obese but has gained a little due to some particular reasons.

Despite the weight gain, Vivian is one of the most famous faces in the television industry. The actor started his career with Kasamh Se & then played the role of Shivam in the show Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki – Gangaa. However, the play made Vivian the hottest television star was Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. In the show, the actor played the role of a vampire & his performance was cherished by his fans.

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::::: THE BEST ENTRY ::::::: To reveal the facts abt his Entry it was shot at Ramoji Filmcity. @VivianDsena was earlier called to lose weight for #RK,but then suddenly he was called to gain weight for the entry scene.Aah it feels cringy na after hard work once again this,but he did #Professionalism 😎And one more thing , he was injured during his entry scene too. Remember the bomb blast in back,actually the fire/ashes of that did come on @VivianDsena too. But he kept on moving, till the shot was done. Like the industry says, " The show must go on " 😎. Vivian was called a misfit for the show, but with his hard work,dedication, to serve something different & to do justice with the role. Everyone knows the show Madhubala became household's "#RK wala show" 😄😄 His witty dialogues & ofcourse the deadly looks won hearts. The entry scene was shot much before than the scene where he reveals his face after shave !😅 That's why the change in muscular body to abs one is clearly visible ! Vivian is such a hard worker & he turned #RK into a treasure which no one can ever play😎 Soon the pair named by fans as #Rishbala too got popularity. Their love was crazy, seriously crazy😆one which was hard to understand. As it was called Junoon-filled. They won 3 jodi awards at @TheITA_Official, @IndTellyAwards & #ColorsGPA2013 for #RK-#Madhu &countless nominations. As the show increased @VivianDsena01 Fanbase which was youth also increased tk every age group with #RK. Even that much that even ppl use the conversation style in their day to day life. Who can forget Viv's Biiwee & ! I bet No One😂😁.Such was craze ! Vivian won a total of 5 Awards in India & International too for Best actor as #RK(Rishabh Kundra) making him actually the Superstar of Small Screen ,(he is still ruling 😎) & NOMINATIONS & Titles don't have exact count. 😂😇😎 Vivian once caught by fire during a fire sequence where the curtain catches fire during RK's movie in Script but it happened in real too as the burnt piece of curtain did fell on Viv's court. And Viv immediately took action & removed it from himself. It was a big piece😰😰 (cont)

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