A secret Rrahul Sudhir can not tell, Helly Shah surprised everyone with this revelation

A secret Rrahul Sudhir can not tell, Helly Shah surprised everyone with this revelation

Popular actress Helly Shah surprised many fans yesterday by coming live on Instagram. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 completed 200 episodes, and Helly came live with her co-stars Rrahul Sudhir, and Zayn Ibad Khan.

Helly told the Instagrammers about the celebration they had on the shooting location for completing 200 episodes, and she thanked everyone for the support.

Rrahul Sudhir, Zyan Ibad Khan, and Helly Shah answered many questions asked by their fans. A fan asked the stars how many more episodes the show will run for? Rrahul Sudhir and Helly Shah funnily replied that they don’t know about it.

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Some of the fans asked Helly and Rrahul about the current track and, one question by a fan about Riddhima’s abortion appointment craked down the actors, and they started laughing.

Now, the moment that grabbed everyone’s attention was when a fan asked Rrahul Sudhir about his fitness secret, and the actor said that he is not fit but suddenly, his co-actor, Zyan Ibad Khan asked him to not tell the secret. Then he replied that he can’t tell.

On the other hand, a fan asked the stars to tell their 10th standard’s percentage, and Helly’s reply surprised many fans including, Rrahul Sudhir and Zyan Ibad Khan.

Helly told everyone that she got 92% in 10th standard. Rarhul Sudhir said that he got 68%, and Zyan Ibad Khan shared that he got 65% in 10th standard.

Are you guys curious to know what Rrahul Sudhir‘s fitness secret? what is your reaction after knowing about Helly Shah’s 10th class percentage? Share with us.

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