Why Don't You Share This

Is Alia Bhatt in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor? I think everyone knows the answer. but no one can be so sure about it, Alia was not very vocal about her relationship with Ranbir. but she gave hints many times. she was very supportive of the Kapoor family during the last rites of Rishi Kapoor.

After Katrina’s departure from Ranbir’s life, Alia gave gestures but has not said openly. At the same time, a social media user tried to pull Alia’s leg on Twitter. But Alia in turn gave such an answer that the person sat silently after that.

A Twitter user named Himanshu Kakani asked Alia, “Can we call you Alia Kapoor?” Alia replied with a question, asked “Can I call you Himanshu Bhatt?”

It is clear from Alia’s answer that how well she is going. and she knows how to handle these trolls.

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