Anupamaa: Anupama to go through some tough questions, Pakhi situation hurts Anuj

A lot is going on in the current track of Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupamaa. As we have seen, the women of the Shah and Kapadia families take a day off and make plans to have fun.

While men do the work of cooking and cleaning the house. On the other hand, Paakhi plans to spend romantic time with Adhik. Both reach the same hotel where Baa, Anupamaa and other women are staying.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Ankush get into a fight over some work. Ankush decides to leave the party, and Vanraj follows him.

Anuj tries to deal with the Pakhi situation

Here Anupama gets scared thinking about Pakhi’s future. Anuj tries to deal with the whole situation and brings a good marriage proposal for Pakhi.

Anuj gets angry at Pakhi as everyone has turned against them. Anuj does not want to impose his decision on Pakhi but wants to help his family.

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Barkha questions Anupama

Anupama does not agree with the solution, but Vanraj gives his approval. During the game of Truth or Dare, Barkha questions Anupama about her decision to marry Anuj.

Anupama is taken aback

Later, Anupama is taken aback when she discovers Pakhi and Adhik in the hotel lobby. What will happen next? Keep watching your favourite show Anupamaa on Star Plus and Disney plus Hotstar.


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