Beyond the Blue Tick: Hina Khan’s Bold Stand Against Artificial Validation on Social Media

Beyond the Blue Tick: Hina Khan's Bold Stand Against Artificial Validation on Social Media

Hina Khan, the accomplished actress known for her fearlessness, recently stirred a significant conversation with her straightforward stance against the trend of purchasing a verified badge on social media platforms.

Through a thought-provoking post, she highlighted the potential consequences of this trend and encouraged her followers to seek authenticity beyond the coveted blue tick.

Hina Khan wrote “This is my take on the often puzzled matter of the ‘Blue Tick Verification’ on social platforms. We now live in an age where this so-called ‘verification’ can easily be acquired with just a bit more than a youngster’s allowance. Have we ever stopped to think about the unintended consequences? This reality has blurred the clear-cut notions between genuine and fake, authentic and pretentious. But let me tell you, the real treasure lies far from this coveted blue tick.”

I want to impart a crucial understanding to my remarkable fan base—our genuine achievements and experiences are our truest badges of honour. They define our core and our uniqueness, much more than a blue symbol on a digital platform ever could. The blue tick doesn’t bear testament to our struggles or successes, it doesn’t represent our journey.

Consider this: if one day Instagram decides to retract my blue tick, would it impact my effort, my hard work, or my journey? Not in the slightest. I am not defined by a programmed computer’s validation but by my labour, my journey, and my accomplishments.

we need to be more compassionate and less algorithmic. In a world that blooms from the nurturing of a community, nothing screams true authenticity louder than the support we lend each other and the love that comes back in return.

My avid supporters and dedicated fans, it’s important to see past the ‘Blue Tick’ and understand the depth of our capabilities. The essence of our authenticity and truth lies within each of us, deeply nestled in the rugged landscape of empathy and realism. Our #TrueValue surfaces when we embrace this authenticity and realism.

So, let’s step #BeyondTheBlueTick together, always cherishing our authenticity. While the blue tick might raise our social status, it does not measure our real worth. Our real worth lies in our actions, intentions and how we treat those around us.

So, Instagram if you ever feel the need to take away my verification symbol, feel free to do so; you have my permission.”

What do you guys think about it?


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