“Dheeraj Dhoopar’s Fatherhood Journey: Playtime, Travel, First Swim, and Zayn’s Bond with Oreo”

Actor Dheeraj Dhoopar has been among the busiest actors in recent times, but he has always taken out time for his family. The celebrity couple was recently blessed with a baby boy, and already Dheeraj Dhoopar is giving us major father goals. His social media is a perfect testimony to the trending term #FatherGoals.

Play Time: “Other than spending time with him for his duties, I make it a point to spend quality playing time with him. Spending time with him while in a playful mood helps him bond with me and creates a very healthy relationship.”

Travel: “I never knew that handling Zayn as a toddler would be so easy, even on vacation trips. He doesn’t cry much, which is a good thing. Recently, we went to Goa, and he enjoyed it the most. He loved going to the beach and exploring different places with me. He would sit by the beach and watch the sunset. Traveling is the best, and one learns a lot while traveling.”

Style: “Well, I am a big fashion fanatic, and my son will obviously become a fashionista too, right? I love to style in sync with my son. I buy new clothes for him every now and then so that he looks smart every damn moment. Not just that, I also look out for accessories that add to the whole style quotient.”

"Dheeraj Dhoopar's Fatherhood Journey: Playtime, Travel, First Swim, and Zayn's Bond with Oreo"

First Swim: “Zayn is in love with the water. When I took him in the pool for the first time, he took some time to get used to the feel of the water, but then once he settled in the pool, there was no going back. I have been scared of water for a long time. Babies are natural swimmers, and he was floating like a pro in the pool. When we tried to take him out of the pool, he even started crying until we brought him back. We literally had to distract him from the pool.”

Zayn and Oreo: “Having a pet around a kid is always a good thing. He learns many things from Oreo, and he has become really calm and composed around Zayn. Oreo takes care of him when we are busy with something. Their bond is truly adorable.”


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