Fan’s request intrigued Erica Fernandes, Shaheer Sheikh Open to Collaborate on a special Music Video

Fan's request intrigued Erica Fernandes, Shaheer Sheikh Open to Collaborate on a special Music Video
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The world of Hindi TV has witnessed numerous onscreen TV Jodi’s who have captured the hearts of viewers with their exceptional chemistry. One such iconic TV Jodi is “DevAkshi” played by Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Sheikh. These two stars stole the limelight with their portrayal of Dev Dixit and Sonakshi Bose in the popular show “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.”

Their onscreen Jodi, lovingly called “Devakshi” by their fans, continues to be one of the most adored television couples even years after the show ended.

The remarkable chemistry between Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Sheikh was a major factor behind the immense success of “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.” Their ability to bring the characters of Dev and Sonakshi to life with such authenticity and depth left a lasting impact on the audience.

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Recently, Erica Fernandes conducted an “AskEJF” session on Instagram, giving her fans a chance to interact with her directly. Amidst the flood of questions, one fan posed an intriguing request: “Can we expect a music video featuring you and Shaheer, where you are singing and he is writing the lyrics? It would be a dream music video.”

In her response, Erica admitted that the request was quite intriguing and something she had not encountered before. However, she took the opportunity to tag Shaheer Sheikh in her Instagram story, bringing the suggestion to his attention. The fans eagerly awaited Shaheer’s response, wondering if he would be open to the idea.

To their delight, Shaheer Sheikh responded positively, expressing his willingness to explore such a unique project. Although he admitted that he had never encountered a similar request before, he revealed that he didn’t mind delving into the world of music videos with Erica.

The prospect of Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Sheikh coming together for a music video holds immense promise. Both actors have proven their mettle not only in the world of television but also through various other creative endeavours.

What do you guys think about it? Wouldn’t it be magical to see these two together in a project again?

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