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This pandemic has affected the entertainment industry especially the TV industry a lot. The latest news of Voot Select’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 going off-air has been tough news to digest for its fans.

IMMJ 2 was one of the most successful shows on TV for Colors TV. It was later shifted to OTT Voot Select because of low TRP. The show had countless twists and turns which kept viewers on the edge of their seat. The theme of revenge also worked in its favour.

Even though the show used to air early it maintained a steady TRP number. If you go on Google and search for IMMJ2 or Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 you will be surprised that the show has maintained a very good IMDB rating, unlike other TV shows.

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The first reason why you should not miss these last few weeks should be to enjoy your favourite show a one last time, you may not see your favourite couple again together. Even if they come together creating magic as special as Riansh won’t be easy.

The second reason should be to give a perfect tribute, a perfect closure to the two great actors who have done everything in their power to entertain you. They were the reason behind the smile on your face. Riansh and Rrahel became an emotion among the fans. Now it will be perfect to give your favourite couple the closure they deserve.

Rrahul Sudhir, Helly Shah guys we will miss you.

Let us know what does Riansh means to you guys. Hit the comment sectio0n down below.

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Helly Shah and Rrahul Sudhir fans pay attention, these are a few reasons why you should not miss the last few weeks of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2