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Kundali Bhagya, one of the most popular and TRP topper shows of Zee TV, never fails to entertain its dedicated audience.

As per the latest story, Kareena and Ramona are not happy with Karan’s decision of inviting Preeta for his and Mahira’s marriage. Ramona thinks Karan made a huge mistake by inviting Preeta since he was married to her once. Karan is ok with his decision and he keeps his decision intact.

We know that Karan and Preeta both love each other, they both are in pain. Karan is in denial mode, he says that he hates Preeta and wants her to witness Karan and Mahira’s wedding so that she realizes that for Karan his family matters the most.

Naira to make a big sacrifice to get Kartik back from behind the bars, details inside

Karan is just marrying Mahira so he can show to the world that he hates Preeta, on the other hand, hurt Preeta will come up with something which will shock Karan and the rest.

A lot of twists and turns will take place during the wedding sequence, Karan won’t get married to Mahira…Yes, the marriage between Karan and Mahira won’t be happening. Preeta’s smart plan will ruin it for Mahira, and Preeta will marry Karan.

Naira will expose Sita Ji and Kundan for Kartik’s sake, Tina back in business

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