Mamta Sharma’s name does not need any introduction, she gained fame from the superhit song Munni Badnam Hui. Dabangg movies song Munni Badnaam Hui was a super hit number and it received many awards and nominations, including a Filmfare Award for Best Playback Singer. Earning celebrity tag is not easy, it requires a lot of hard work and Mamta Sharma has worked hard to achieve what she has achieved today, she is one of the most humble persons I talked to, in this Exclusive interview, she talks about Individual Music, her childhood, her family and many more

Recently you did a cover song Nara-E-Mastana, and it’s getting positive response everywhere, What was the motivation behind?

Nara E Mastana is actually a sufi kalam, it is beautiful and it was my favorite, I just used to keep doing humming it till a long time , and you will be surprised to know that, this was the first ever cover I shot, Those two videos came before this were actually shot after this, it was the first, I always had in my mind if I ever do the cover I will do this one, and its credit goes to abida Ji, because of whom I heard this one, I am a great fan of abida ji, can’t say biggest fan because she has got many die-hard fans(laughs), this song is so soulful in her voice, her version is better than mine, I am a big fan of her voice, that’s why I did this cover. So the original credit goes to abida Praveen ji and the writer of the song Late Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif, he is the person behind the magical lyrics, and she is the magic behind the voice, who inspired me to do this cover.

Did you want to be a singer since childhood?

Yes definitely, I must have been around 10-11 years old, I used to do late-night shows, but I always knew that I had to go to school in the morning. Therefore, to escape from my studies, I used to tell my mother a lie of headache and she used to get agree to skip the school the next day,, I used to get special treatment in my school, they were like “oh she does stage shows, she is so small, she is so cute and all”, I was like wow this is a great way to get rid of studies(laughs), so that was the reason I started singing, but slowly I got addicted to people’s once more and clapping and applaud.

How difficult was it to establish a name in the music industry?

It was really very difficult, it is a destiny factor in Bollywood that works more, but surely your voice should be unique, your singing skills should be different from others, then you can make a mark for sure. When you bring something original in the industry, they appreciate you and they always welcome you. So this was the reason they liked my voice, they found it different, so that was the reason I got my first break, but you really have to work hard yourself.

You are from Gwalior and Salman Khan also used to live there, did you ever think that your first song will be in Salman Khan’s movie?

Never ever, not even in my dreams, when I was a kid I used to stick poster on my wall, there was a space behind my couch, the first two posters I had ever used were of Divya Bharati and Sonu Nigam’s, and the other two were of Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit, these are the only posters I ever used. After Hum Aapke Hain Kaun movie I became a huge Salman Khan fan, at that time I never thought of it, but I was super-duper happy when it happened.

What difficulty did you face in the music industry?

Not only in music industry, in any industry you have to work hard for getting contacts and learning techniques, you have to move from studio to studio because you never know when and where you will get work, even after recommendation you cannot be assured that you will get work, that’s why I said that Bollywood is mostly about luck, I was the first one to come to Mumbai from my family, I didn’t have any contacts in Mumbai, I used to gather information from newspapers about the requirement of singers and stage shows, that’s how I developed some contacts, and I met Kishore Ji through these contacts he was in need of some singers for Dandiya, and that was the same year when Javed Ali also came to Mumbai, and we both performed for Kishore Ji in dandiya function, from there I got a bit more contacts and I reached out to people and got my first break.

You did stage shows for 11 years, it was such a long struggle, have you ever thought of giving up?

No, never, because I was doing what I wanted to do, I love to sing and the stage is where I meant to be, I never intended to work in Bollywood only, my plan was to do something in music and I wanted to be a singer, which I was.

How was the support from Family?

I had full support from my family, I am here because of my mother, I lost my father at a very early stage in 91-92, I was only 5 years old, my mother used to take good care of my brother and me, She used to do sewing work, she used to knit sweaters and at the same time she was completing her college, she really worked hard to ensure our good education, she inspired me a lot.

Many famous singers such as Sony Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Shreya Ghoshal came from reality shows, have you ever tried to participate in reality shows?

I never wanted to take part in the music reality show, because I used to see that participants had a lot of talent and I was afraid of losing (laughs).

What is your opinion about Modern Music?

Modern music is good, Music is always the same as people like, Individual Music is providing a platform to many singers and allowing them to show their talent, this is some new progress in the music industry which I am fond of. They are recreating the old hit songs, it is also good in a way, that people who do not know about those songs, they know now. But they should be created well, that is a very good scenario going on.

When will we get to hear your voice again?

We are trying to release some more songs with Fun Music Original this month, and then we have done a good number with J.Hind, he is a rapper from San Francisco. And I have recorded some movie songs for Sohail Sen, something big after that, I cannot tell the name, because unless it is final I can not announce it, but it is coming.

Any memorable moment you want to share?

Recently we paid tribute to R. D. Burman dada, Nitin dada (Nitin Shankar) organized the whole event it was in Shanmukhananda hall, and almost all the legends of music world like Ajay-Atul, Sajid-Wajid, and Lalit Pandit were present there, and that moment will always be close to my heart, Being the part of R.D. Burman night will always remain the most memorable moment of my life.

Who is your favorite Music Director?

My favorite music directors are Sajid-Wajid forever because they bring out best of me, you can pick my any song with them, they always bring out natural and best of me. Even when I feel that this pitch will create problem for me or this isn’t my range or I can’t pronounce it, and they encourage me by saying “Are tum sab kar sakti ho, just believe karne ki baat hai”, So that’s how I discovered myself, ki Haan yaar I am not bounded to certain scale, range or anything like that, it’s all in the head.

Did you take any special training?

No, I didn’t attend any special classes, I learned from Lata ji, Asha ji and Reshma ji’s songs, My main inspiration is Asha ji, but I learned something from every singer they are all skilled in their fields. When I developed a desire to learn music, I heard Lata ji’s, Asha ji’s and many other singers songs, then I got to know music is too deep it’s beyond anybody’s knowledge, we know very little about music, I kept learning and learning and became addicted to it

What is your Success Mantra?

Believe in yourself, believe you are the best you can achieve something for sure, Believe in yourself is my success mantra.

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