Manish will undergo surgery, Naira won't tolerate Kartik this time
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With each passing episode, the difference between Kartik and Naira is getting worse in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

According to the current track, Naira’s birthday celebration is going on in the Goenka Mansion.

Naira hopes that gradually her relationship with Kartik would recover in no time, but again Kartik will express his anger after doctor’s entry.

Soon viewers will see that doctor will again visit the Goenka Mansion where he will force Kartik for Manish’s surgery.

However, even after Sulekha and other family member’s agreement, Kartik will deny for the operation.

Naira will try to make Kartik understand the importance of the surgery, but Kartik will again shout at Naira.

Meenakshi will blame Mishti, will she force Abir for the second marriage?

But this time, Naira will not tolerate and in return, she will shout back at Kartik and will tell Kartik that she is not his punching beg.

In the upcoming episodes, the audience will get to see that Kartik somehow will agree for the surgery.

Now, it will be interesting to see what makers have planned next for Kartik and Naira. Will surgery make Manish healthy, or the situation will get worse?

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