Shark Tank India Today’s Bizz Quiz Daily Quiz Answers

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    Shark Tank India offline quiz by Bizz Quiz 9 February 2023 (Thursday)

    Question (1) What is the full form of the DTI ratio?

    (A) Debt to Income

    (B) Deliverable Tax Income

    (C) Discount To Inflation

    (D) Dividend to Income

    Answer – (A) Debt to Income

    Question (2) What measures the proportion of a company’s customers that make more than one purchase?

    (A) Discount Rate

    (B) Company Society Rate

    (C) Repeat Purchase Rate

    (D) Viewing Rate

    Answer – (C) Repeat Purchase Rate

    Question (3) What refers to the yearly interest generated by a sum that is charged to borrowers or paid to investors?

    (A) Deliverable Tax Rate

    (B) Annual Percentage Rate

    (C) Interest Ratio Rate

    (D) Total Purchase Rate

    Answer – (B) Annual Percentage Rate

    Question (4) The rate of discount at which net present value of a project becomes zero is also known as_____.

    (A) Alternate Rate of Return

    (B) Average Rate of Return

    (C) Internal Rate of Return

    (D) None of the Above

    Answer – (C) Internal Rate of Return

    Question (5) What is the full form of NPV in finance?

    (A) Net Profit Value

    (B) Net Pre-revenue Valuation

    (C) Net Purchase Value

    (D) Net Present Value

    Answer – (D) Net Present Value

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