Shehnaaz Gill's two special requests from her fans, will they fulfill her wish? Read full story
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Shahnaaz Kaur Gill is one of the most popular Bigg Boss contestants ever. Shenaaz Gill was part of Bigg Boss 13. Shehnaaz loves her fans, and she keeps entertaining them. Recently Shahnaaz Gill did a live chat session on Instagram with her fans. She answered some questions asked by the fans.

During the live chat, Shehnaaz interacted with fans. Shehnaaz said, “Guys, you people give me so much respect and so much love. I can’t tell you how I feel.” She further revealed that she feels proud whenever people tell her that Shehnaaz has a big fan following.

She has done just one reality show, but her fans love her so much, she thanked her fans for giving so much love. Shehnaaz told her fans that she has a surprise for them. Shehnaaz has prepared a Youtube video for her fans. The video is related to the award she recently received, all thanks to her fans. She will upload the video in some days.

Shehnaaz got emotional during her live chat. She said, “you guys protect me and love me, keep loving me.” Shehnaaz made a special request from her fans and asked her fans to never flip, don’t love her just for a year or two. Keep loving her always.

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The beautiful actress seemed excited about her upcoming birthday. A fan told Shehnaaz Gill that she used to look better when she was not so slim, to which she funnily replied that she won’t get work if she gets even a little fat.

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Shehnaaz Gill requested her fans not to send cakes because it may get waste. She asked her fans to distribute the cake among the poor and send her a picture of the cake.

Are you guys excited for Shehnaaz Gill‘s Birthday? Will you guys fulfill her special wish? Let us know through your comments.

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