Somi Khan – I saw Hina Khan playing Komolika’s character so well

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Somi Khan’s name does not need any introduction, she gained fame from Bigg Boss season 12, I managed to talk to her somehow, she is one of the most humble people I talked to, in this Exclusive interview, she talks about BiggBoss12, her friendship with Deepak, her upcoming projects and more.

How was your life before the Bigg boss 12, and how is your life now?

Life was good before and is good after Bigg Boss, I was working with a hotel before, life was good before Bigg Boss, but yeah it has changed that now everybody knows you, they want to meet you, they want to talk to you.

which contestants are you still in touch with?

After Bigg Boss 12, I am in touch with everyone Karanvir, Shrishti, Rohit, Romil, Deepak, Surbhi, and yeah Urvashi.

And what about Dipika?

Dipika, I spoke to her when she came to Jaipur, at that time she was travelling to Ajmer Shareef, and that was the last conversation we had, I am not really in touch with her.

You unfollowed Deepak Thakur but now you are again following him on Instagram, what was the reason behind this?

We had fought on some issue, and now we have settled it and we are back together. This is among friends that we sometimes fight and do such stupid things. So ignore it, we are friends and we will always be, it was nothing serious, we had an argument and then it converted into a fight (laughs), we unfollowed each other, but now it’s all fine.

How did you get selected for Bigg Boss 12?

Bigg Boss 12 had the concept of Jodi, me and my sister uploaded a video on the Voot app, luckily our video got selected, then we were called for GD after that PI and second PI, it was a long process but we got selected.

Can you tell us the secret of Big Boss?

The cameras are never off, sometimes we thought that we can sleep when the camera is off, but it never happens, the camera always follow you except for toilet and bathroom, Apart from the weekend, when we shoot our Saturday and Sunday episodes, we used to cook food ourselves, luxury budget used to be our main issue, we fought several times because of this, things like Curd, chocolate, cheese, coffee, fruit, butter, ketchup these things used to come under the luxury budget, and it was hard to get, for example chocolate was under luxury budget, so we used to steal and eat it, I have stolen a lot of chocolate (laughs), Rohit and KV were the biggest thieves among us, KV used to steal coffee and sugar and used to hide it in his socks, and Rohit was his employee, he used to help him (laughs), they had a big stock of grocery, it was only for selected people, they used to give it to only close ones and I was one of those, The house of Big Boss was so good that I got addicted after three and a half months.

Any offers you received after Bigg Boss 12?

I have an album releasing this month or first week next month with Deepak, I have heard a few movie scripts, and met a director, can’t disclose everything right now, casting of the lead male isn’t finalized, for now, Probably by this month will get good news.

If you get an offer of a daily soap, would you like to do it?

I was approached for daily soap if I get a role which I feel I can play then I will definitely go for it, I received a few offers I even went for the auditions but I wasn’t sure about them, but if I get a good project I will definitely go for it.

What kind of role would you like, negative or positive?

It’s not about negative or positive role, the role should be important, I saw Hina Khan playing Komolika’s character so well, Hina is doing really well, I am so fond of her, even if she is doing a negative role she is getting appreciated by fans, so the role should be important, negative or positive doesn’t matter.

If someone wants to date Somi Khan, what qualities should he have?

He must be a good human being he must be honest, he must be someone who respects women and children, a good human being is always easy to connect with, and falling in love is all about destiny.

Who is your celebrity crush?

My biggest crush is Salman Khan, I am a huge fan of him, Ever since I realized what the hero means I consider him my hero.

What was your first reaction when you met Salman Khan for the first time?

This was the most wonderful, emotional and best moment of my life, when I first met Salman Khan on stage, I thought it was a big screen with a big Salman’s picture, but it took me a long time to realize that All is real (laughs), it was a huge moment for me and I will never ever forget it.


Which is your favorite movie?

Not any particular, but I like all Salman Khan movies are my favourite.

Do you have any message for fans?

My message for my fans is “You guys have always loved me and always supported me, keep supporting me, keep on loving me, Inshaallah you guys will get to see me soon, keep me in your prayers.

Thank you Somi for your precious time, we wish you all the best for all your future projects.

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