Surbhi Chandna’s new project almost finalized? Read more

Surbhi Chandna's new project almost finalized? Read more

Gorgeous actress Surbhi Chandna recently concluded her popular TV show Naagin 5. Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin series renewed for the 6th season with Krishna Mukherjee in the lead role.

Naagin 5 was always in the news because of Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra. The chemistry between these two actors was great. When the show ended, disappointed fans demanded another show with Surbhi Chandna in the lead role.

Well, It’s time to welcome back to your favourite actress. Yes, Surbhi Chandna may be back soon. The details of her next project are still behind the curtains, but it will be out soon.

Surbhi Chandna‘s fans were waiting for her return. Now, according to some reports, her next project is almost finalised. If it is true then the fans are in for a treat.

Surbhi Chandna is famous for doing a different kind of roles every time. Every character played by Surbhi is different from others. Some call her one of the most versatile actresses, rightly so.

It is still not clear if her next project is a TV show, a movie or just a Video song. Just wait for the official announcement and enjoy.

Are you guys excited about Surbhi Chandna‘s upcoming project? Let us know how much. Stay connected to Filmy masala Now for more updates on your favourite TV celebrities.

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