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Khiladi of Bollywood Akshay Kumar may not have realized how big a mistake he has made when he tweeted about Padman, he forgot to mention the name of the film’s producer Twinkle Khanna. He also publicly apologized for this mistake on social media, but it seems that Twinkle has not forgiven Akshay. Because as soon as Twinkle said that Akshay will not be a part of his next production, other actors have also sent him an audition video, seeking work from her.

Other actors are none other than Anil Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao. Anil Kapoor shared a video and wrote “Maybe Rajkummar Rao

 & I could be a part of your next production @mrsfunnybones


 P.S Our audition tape is attached below! 

Anil has shared a video, in which he and Rajkumar can be seen talking about periods and sanitary napkins. Both the stars suggested that there should be no shame in asking for sanitary pads. It is natural to have a period.

Twinkle gave a funny answer and said- “Wah! I am very impressed with the audition by these two newcomers, especially the one in the white shirt-And now I don’t even have to change the monogrammed masks we had bought for the main lead to use on the set 🙂 Big hug and stay safe 


Let us tell you that all this started after Akshay tweeted, tagging Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor after Padman completes two years.

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