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Tik Tok vs Youtube is the talk of the town these days where most of the people praising and supporting youtube, a lot of people are criticizing Tik Tok.

From 4.3 to 2.0 huge downfall in Tiktok’s Google play store rating indicates how much-disappointed people are from Tik Tok India’s content.

An old TikTok video is going viral in social media which allegedly promotes Acid attack. Now people are protesting against the TikTok app on social media and they are running a social media campaign against it.

Many celebrities are criticizing the app and claiming that this kind of apps is promoting bad manners in the youth of the country and they are circulating bad messages in society.

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Nowadays people are getting so much addicted to TikTok app and without any understanding, they are promoting disrespectful behavior.

Many celebrities are also raising their voice against this app and requesting their fans to not use such apps.

The Indian public is now demanding the banning of this App and they want strict action against the TikTok user Faizal Siddiqui whose video went viral.

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal joined the campaign against the TikTok App and he has tweeted “Ban TikTok”.

Television actor Priyank Sharma retweeted Paresh Rawal’s tweet and mentioned: “Since such a big artist is also asking to ban TikTok than either agree or understand”.

But Priyank Sharma’s ex-girlfriend Divya Agrawal who is very much active in this app have some different points of view.

Divya has shared a post on her respective Instagram story in which Faizal Siddiqui’s same video is being criticized, She wrote: “I say not to ban the app but such idiots!”.

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She also bashed Faizal Siddique on his recent post in which he apologized for the video and clarified his intentions behind the video.

Divya wrote “You think a drunkard throwing alcohol on anyone like that is right? Acid or water or alcohol whatever it is! what do you think of yourself? don’t call yourself an influencer! Take care!”.

Well, after so much bashing and request TikTok has suspended Faizal Siddiqui’s account on the App.

Do you agree with these celebrities? Share your views on Faizal Siddique and Tik Tok App.

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