This is how Rubina Dilaik reacted to Aly Goni’s statement, Jasmin Bhasin on Aly missing Rubina

This is how Rubina Dilaik reacted to Aly Goni's statement, Jasmin Bhasin on Aly missing Rubina

Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik is busy celebrating her victory with her friends and family. Rubina finally manages to get some time for her fans, who supported her unconditionally throughout her Bigg Boss journey.

Yesterday evening Rubina Dilaik did the #AskRubi session on Twitter, and she answered many fans questions.

A fan asked Rubina if she is aware of Aly Goni’s statement about what he said when Abhinav Shukla got evicted, and she and Abhinav were crying.

The fan wrote, after Abhinav’s eviction, Aly Goni deliberately separated Rubina and Abhinav so that Rubina doesn’t get sympathy votes.

Rubina Dilaik replied to the fan, and she wrote, “Sadly yes. got to know when I came out of the house, #abandoned”.

On the other hand, Aly Goni recently came live on Instagram with Jasmin Bhasin and both the actors expressed gratitude to their fans.

When a fan asked Aly is he missing Nikki Tamboli? Aly replied that he is missing Rahul Vaidya a lot as Rahul used to sleep next to his bed in the Bigg Boss house, and now he is missing all of his habits.

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Aly said that he is also missing Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli. Later on, Aly said he is missing Rubina Dilaik too. The actor specially mentioned to Jasmin Bhasin that he is missing Rubina.

Jasmin Bhasin reacted to Aly’s answer very politely, and she replied with a simple “ok”.

What are your views on Aly Goni’s statement? Also, are you guys missing Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin’s old bonding?

Share your views down below on the comment box. Keep visiting Filmy masala Now for more updates and gossips.

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