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Covid19 affected the entertainment industry badly. because of Lockdown shooting of the TV shows stopped indefinitely and shows went off-air.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai is among those famous show which went off-air due to Covid19, but now the shooting of the show has started and Makers have released a new spicy promo.

Before going on the break we saw that Kartik learned that his daughter is alive. He hired a detective to find her, and the detective finds Kaira’s daughter.

Kartik then decides to surprise her better half Naira during the Gangaur festival. the show was all set to take off from the same point where story halted after the lockdown, But as per the new norms, child artists are not allowed on the sets due to Covid19, that’s why Kaira’s daughter’s track will come back later in the story after the pandemic ends.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will see the new twist and turns. From the promo, it is pretty much clear that Naira will play a double role to save her family. In the promo, Naira can be seen wearing saree and acting as a cultured daughter-in-law in front of a lady.

Because of Naira’s act, she agrees to deal with Goenka’s. Naira then discloses that for the sake of her family she will pretend to be Tina. She asks for Kartik’s support.

The show is going to see Naira pretending to be twins, she will be seen as Sanskari Naira and she will pretend to be modern Tina.

The two twin sisters Naira and Tina are going to surprise Kartik and Goenka. Behind this drama, Naira has a hidden motive.

Naira has to impress Sita(the woman shown in the trailer probably) so that she agrees to invest in Goenka’s business and save the company.

Sita believes in good religious values and typical Indian Daughter-in-law ideologies. How will Naira impress Sita?

The new promo is looking promising and fresh. it will be interesting to see how long Naira pretends to be twins in front of this new entry. How that lady Sita will react after learning Naira’s double game? Will Kartik support Naira like he always does? Well, not long before we get all these answers.

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