Navid Sole Responds to Trolls after Dance video with Ankita Lokhande Goes Viral

Navid Sole Responds to Trolls after Dance video with Ankita Lokhande Goes Viral
Image credit Navid Sole Instagram

In the midst of the post-Bigg Boss 17 celebration, contestants are stepping out to party, and a recent dance performance by Ankita Lokhande and Navid Sole has caught the attention of social media.

Unfortunately, the viral dance video has become the target of relentless trolling, prompting Navid Sole to address the issue on social media. Navid Sole took to his social media accounts to share his thoughts on the trolling surrounding the dance.

In his post, he emphasized the need to view the dance with positivity and urged people not to gossip but rather appreciate the art form. Navid revealed that Ankita Lokhande has been a great friend to him during their time on Bigg Boss, highlighting the importance of looking at the dance performance in a positive light.

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The recent party attended by Ankita Lokhande, Navid Sole, and other Bigg Boss friends became a subject of criticism after a video of Ankita and Navid’s dance went viral. Negative comments flooded social media.

In response to the trolling, Navid posted a message on his social media, Navid expressed his desire to discuss the recent dance video that has stirred quite a buzz. He acknowledged the ongoing discussions and suggested that it might be beneficial for everyone to share their perspectives on the matter.

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Taking note of the negative comments directed at him and Ankita regarding their dance, Navid assured everyone that it was all in good fun and not to be taken seriously. He affirmed the strong friendship between Ankita and himself, emphasizing that Ankita is one of his best friends from the Bigg Boss house.

In conclusion, Navid Sole’s response sheds light on the importance of interpreting events in a positive light, especially in the age of social media where trolling has become commonplace.


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