The story behind the shooting of the last scenes of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharat

The TV industry has suffered the most due to the Coronavirus. the shooting of all the TV serials had to stop, but the good news is that the old shows Ramayana and Mahabharat are being broadcast on the Doordarshan channel.

There have been many shows in the TV world that will always be remembered by the audience. Ramayan and Mahabharat were very popular shows in the past. and they broke many records.

After getting re-telecast, Ramayan and Mahabharat and their characters are trending in India as people are liking it very much.

These serials aired on Doordarshan have also greatly benefited the channel’s TRP.

Now let us tell you the interesting story behind the arrows bed of Bhishma Pitamah’s in the Mahabharata.

To prepare the arrow bed of Bhisma Pitamah a lot of hard work was done. The Mahabharata was created by Baldev Raj Chopra, his son Ravi Chopra told an interesting story behind this in an interview.

In an old interview, Ravi Chopra said, ‘In the Mahabharata, arrows crossed Bhishma Pitamah’s body and due to arrows he falls to the ground and they had to show that he was lying on the same arrow’s bed for so many days.

Ravi said that obviously, they could not cross the arrow, so they made plates. On half of the plates, they put the lower part of the arrows and put the actor Mukesh Khanna over it and under his clothes, they used to put another plate in which there was a place to hold the arrows.

Ravi Chopra further said that they used to put the rest of the arrows in the plates under his clothes, it seemed that the arrows had crossed his body.

When Mukesh Khanna used to lie down, he used to lie down for hours. they made a place for the arrows at every inch so it looked real.
He also said that they used to take so much precaution to make the bed of arrows for the actor so the actor did not get hurt during the shoot which lasted for hours.

Mukesh Khanna’s character in the Mahabharat was well-liked by the audience. The actor got more popular after the serial aired.

Mukesh Khanna actually wanted to play the role of Arjun, but that role was already offered to someone else. Later he got the role of Bhishma Pitamah and after much deliberation, he agreed.

Mukesh played this character so faithfully that it is still remembered. After this Mukesh Khanna also played Shaktiman’s famous character which also got popular among the 90’s kids.

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